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13.03. - 20:00,
Euro Cinema

Director:  Metod Pevec
Cinematography:  Axel Schneppat
Screenplay:  Metod Pevec , Abdulah Sidran
Producer:  Danijel Hocevar , Alexander Ris , Joerg Rothe
Music:  Aldo Kumar
Cast:  Silva Cusin , Marko Kovacevic , Mediha Musliovic
Production:  Vertigo/E-Motion Film/Mediopolis
International distribution:  MDC International GmbH
4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days
California Dreamin (Endless)
I Am from Titov Veles
Love and Other Crimes
Mao Ce Dun
Slovenia , 2007, 97 min, color
Awards:  Slovene Film Festival 2007 - "Award for best actress" to Silva Cusin

After the death of her husband, a famous violinist, Dora Fabiani discovers he led a double life. She gives his violin to Amir, the talented son of an impoverished Bosnian couple. But then her own son lays claim to the valuable instrument, and a dispute breaks out. A psychologically sensitive depiction of the growing antagonism between the deceased musician and his wife, between the unfulfilled longing of Amirs mother and her constantly drunk husband, and between classical music and the folk songs drunkards sing in the grimy bars.

Metod Pevec
Slovenian actor and director Metod Pevec was born in 1958 in Ljubljana, where he earned degrees in philosophy and linguistics. At the time of his graduation he was already a well-known actor (cast several times by the renowned Zika Pavlovic). As a writer he has tried out writing radio plays and screenplays, then later short stories and novels. One of these lent itself to the creation of his feature debut as a director, Carmen (1995). He also wrote the script for his second feature Beneath Her Window. In addition, he makes television shorts and documentaries in Ljubljana.
1995  Carmen
2004  Beneath her Window / Pod njenim oknom
2007  Estrellita
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